Facial Augmentation

Facial Augmentation in Bangalore

It Consists of : Cheek Implant (Augmentation) and Chin Implant (Augmentation)
What is the main purpose of Cheek/Chin augmentation? It is to add volume to the hollow parts of your face, adding volume to face using implants Like cheek augmentation and chin augmentation.,surgeries that involve "inserting facial implants" is relatively basic and simple , but what's more important is customizing the shape of the implant to fit your face size and proportion. Doctor will first measure how much volume is most ideal for your case, .Fat grafting, Dermal Fillers These are all Temporary(optional),but adding silicone implants for Cheek / Chin is the most excellent way to improve the look, and look naturally with long time results.

The fat pads involved are relatively small in size as compared with other parts of the body like abdomen, but even removal of a small amount of fat in this region makes a big difference to the appearance.The procedure is common against men and women as both are susceptible to fat in this area.

  • This procedure is performed with local anesthesia.(1 to 1.5 hours for each part)
  • Incisions are made at the inner part of your face, so there won't be any scar left on the face)
  • In most cases, stitches are removed within 7-10 days after surgery. (You wouldn't have to worry too much as your plastic surgeon regularly check your status)
  • Like any other surgery there are minor risks like infection and minor bleeding during surgery.
  • Following surgery expect mild discomfort and swelling there is no compelling thing needing rest. We rather would like you to (go back to your routine) that will help in reduction of swelling.
  • it takes at least a month to get the swelling down completely.The Results of it are Life Changing.

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