Lip Reshaping

Lip Reshaping Surgery in Bangalore

It Consists of : Lip Augmentation and Lip Reduction

Lip Augmentation :
Most of us want more defined, fuller lips which are smooth, wrinkle-free and youthful. Lip augmentation uses a variety of materials to create fuller-looking lips, and lip augmentation material also reduce wrinkles in the mouth area.Solutions for lip augmentation are achieved through fillers and fat injections and Silicone Implants.

Lip Reduction
Lip Reduction is the procedure to remove excess lip tissue to reduce the appearance of overly large lips.Many people believe that their lips are too big, and want them reduced usually lower lip is larger than upper lip,which is often not liked by many.Lips are marked, photographed , Anesthetized & wedge shaped tissue a strip of [ skin] is removed to give better shape and the Wound is sutured with absorbable material which gets absorbed within few days or can be removed.

  • This procedure is performed with local anesthesia.The incisions are made inside the mouth to keep the scars out of direct view, however, scar fades away over a period of time.
  • Like any other surgery there are minor risks like infection and minor bleeding ,Timings depends based on your concerns.
  • Following surgery expect mild discomfort and swelling there is no compelling thing needing rest. We rather would like you to (go back to your routine) that will help in reduction of swelling.
  • Over all it may take about 1 week to heal completely. The results of it are permanent.
Your smile is part of your personality. The curve of our lips and the look of our lip shape improve one's image and self-confidence.

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